A Wake in Progress

WIP FINAL BANNER (1920x1080)- Ali Wright-1.jpg

A Wake in Progress by Joel Samuels

Produced by Fine Mess Theatre and Leila Sykes

Iā€™m sorry. But I need this. I need this authorial, this cinematic moment. No one will forget this. No one will forget me. Because when it comes to it I will be remembered in the most romantic, bullshit way possible...

A young person is dying. But they aren't going to go out without one final gesture: something that everyone will remember them by. A Wake in Progress uniquely combines scripted scenes and audience interaction to tell a funny yet moving story of love, death and funerals.

A Wake in Progress premiere's at Vault Festival 2019 from 6th-10th February at 9.20pm (plus a 4.50pm matinee on the 9th February). For tickets please visit: https://vaultfestival.com/whats-on/a-wake-in-progress/

Developed over the past year with the support of Interactive theatre stalwarts the Lab Collective (Incoming/Exodus, The 'Neath) for this world premiere at the VAULT Festival, A Wake in Progress puts you in the driving seat. From casting the actors to the back stories of the characters, every aspect of the show is decided live by that night's audience, building to a completely new ending written live on the night every night.

Come laugh, cry and mourn with us!