Bites & Scratches

Fine Mess curate a new writing programme in London called Bites & Scratches, designed to give emerging playwrights a space to showcase extracts of brand new work. There's been 6 Bites & Scratches since 2014, at venues including The Arcola, The Park Theatre and The Pleasance. 

We've showcased new work by 34 playwrights including Milly Thomas, Isley Lynn, Rob Hayes, Anna Jordan, Camilla Whitehill, Rob Forsyth and Afsaneh Gray. Complete creative and cast details are included in this gallery. 

Bites & Scratches has an open submission. We endeavour to ensure the gender split for cast and creative on is 50/50, and offer as little or as much assistance with assigning a creative team, cast, and rehearsal space as each playwright may or may not require.


Creative and Cast programmes for all Bites & Scratches


Bites & Scratches VI

The Arcola 29/04/2018

  1. Ashes
    Written and performed by Shaun Amos
    Directed by Kyle Ross

  2. The Date
    Written by Remee Patel
    Directed by Kyle Ross
    Performed by Andrew David & Alexandra D’Sa

  3. Smashed Avocado on Sourdough 
    Written and directed by Evie Killip
    Performed by Katy Federman, Gerard McDermott
    and Nick Oliver

  4. All These Maybes 
    Written by Barry McStay
    Directed by Lucy Jane Atkinson 
    Performed by Barry McStay and Tilly Standing

  5. Eyes To The Wind 
    Written by David Hendon
    Directed by Hannah Banister
    Performed by Samuel Curry and Richard Henderson


Bites & Scratches V

The Park Theatre 7-8/12/2016

  1. Unfinished Business
    Written by Tom Hall
    Directed by Guy Kelly
    Performed by Roann McCloskey & Tom Hall

  2. The Hub
    Written by Rosalind Adler
    Directed by Kirsty Bennett
    Performed by Edmund Dehn & Rosalind Adler

  3. The Beast
    Written and directed by Oli Forsyth
    Performed by Isuara Barbé-Brown, David Frias-Robles & Sadie Parsons

  4. Boomerang
    Written by Ivana Mazza-Coates & Madeleine Shenai
    Directed by James Bowsher
    Performed by Cordelia O'Neill, Jessica Preston and Nicola Wright

  5. The Church In The Field
    Written by Milly Thomas
    Directed by Bethany Pitts
    Performed by Jack Farrar & Molly Vevers

bites 3.JPG

Bites & Scratches IV

The Park Theatre 12-13/07/2016

  1. Same Difference
    Written and directed by James Stone
    Performed by Danny Steele, Cassandra Hodges, Batel Israel, Andres Ortiz & Amanda Bailey (voice)

  2. The Canary And The Crow
    Written and performed by Daniel Ward
    Directed by Tinuke Craig

  3. Above
    Written by Duncan Gates
    Directed by Sarah Chapleo.
    Performed by Antonia Draper and Matthew John Wright

  4. Demons
    Written and performed by Elena Procopiu
    Directed by Tuyen Do

  5. Login Error
    Written by Adam Hughes
    Directed by Joel Samuels
    Performed by Robert Thompson and Gareth Watkins


Bites & Scratches II

The Camden People's Theatre -/4/2015

  1. We Do Rom Rom
    Written by Oliver Kassman and Tim Turner
    Directed by Scarlett Plouviez Comnas
    Performed by Rachel Barry and Dan Nicholson

  2. Love
    Written by Caitriona Daly
    Directed by Kyle Ross
    Performed by James Corscadden and Kirsty Osmon

  3. Matchstick
    Written by Camilla Whitehill
    Directed by Sarah Meadows
    Performed by Alistair Donegan

  4. Octopus
    Written by Afsaneh Gray
    Directed by Diyan Zora
    Performed by Dilek Rose, Kiran Sonia Sawar and Jennifer Shakesby

  5. High Windows
    Written by Jack Sanderson-Thwaite
    Directed by John Young
    Performed by Callum Cameron, Laura Hanna, Loren O'Brien and Will Richards

  6. Dead Leg
    Written by Madeline Gould
    Directed by Michael Gilhooly
    Performed by Henri Merriam and Tony Clark

bites 2.JPG

Bites & Scratches III

The Pleasance Islington 27-28/10/2015

  1. Heavy
    Written and performed by Stephen Myott-Meadows
    Directed by Sarah Meadows
    Produced by Rosalyn Newbury

  2. Stoney Fruit 
    Written by Isley Lynn
    Directed by Alice Malin
    Performed by Anton Cross and Taha Haq

  3. Show 4 
    By Lost Watch 
    Performed by Rianna Dearden, Olivia Hirst, Daniel Redfern and George Vere

  4. A Giving Mood
    By Rory Platt
    Directed by Tutku Barbaros
    Performed by Olivia Rose, Andrew Williams and Barney White 

  5. This Play’s About…
    Written & directed by Joel Samuels 
    Performed by Alice Bailey Johnson, Olivia Rose and Molly Small

  6. My ET
    Written by Cordelia O’Neill 
    Directed by Luke Courtier 
    Performed by Robert Gill

bites 1.JPG

Bites & Scratches I

The Courtyard Theatre, Oct/Nov/2014

  1. Welcome, Friend
    Written by Rob Hayes
    Directed by Anna Girvan
    Performed by Marc Geoffrey

  2. Re: fabricated
    Written by Joel Samuels
    Directed by Simon Pollard
    Performed by William Postlethwaite, Daniel Ward, Madeline Gould, Ivy Sayers and Stella Taylor. With original music by Lydia Samuels

  3. Life is Good, Wild and Sweet
    Written by Anna Jordan
    Directed by Lou-Lou Mason
    Assisted by Amelia Kennedy
    Performed by Sarah Auber and Ryan Blackburn

  4. Losers Weepers
    Written by Sarah Page
    Directed by Kevin Williams
    Performed by Maggie Daniels and Brian Fenton

  5. What Ryan Did
    Written by Karla Crome
    Directed by Alex Brown
    Performed by Yvonne Martin, Hana Minett and Cory Stuckey

  6. Sophie and Magnus 4evs
    Written by Kyle Ross
    Directed by Lauren Bracewell
    Performed by Madeleine Knight and Dan Nicholson

Photography by Emil Charlaff and Ali Wright.